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Learn about the company behind Medims...
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Company Overview

The MEDIMS program is brought to you by Nectech, Inc., an innovative  software company dedicated to customer satisfaction.  Our company, located in Endicott, New York maintains an experienced and knowledgeable staff of programmers who not only know the program, but also created it.
Nectech products are backed by highly trained and dedicated personnel.  We strive to meet the needs of each MEDIMS user, offering quick resolution of questions and problems.   We realize each customer has individual needs and we work with each customer to assure complete attention to their needs.

  • To provide the most advanced OMS System available on the market
  • To support MEDIMS through personalized service and dedication to individual customer needs
  • To continually improve the MEDIMS system through upgrades and enhancements
  • To be there when customers need us...providing 24 hour support and quick resolutions to questions


Press Releases

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Media Relations

If you are a member of the press and would like information about Nectech, Inc. and the MEDIMS system or if you would like to request an exclusive story, please contact us by email at info@medims.com.    A company representative will quickly respond to your request.

Privacy Statement

At Nectech, Inc. we believe that the Internet is an outstanding new medium for doing business. In order to maintain the integrity of the Internet, we feel businesses must maintain high levels of confidentiality concerning customers and their transactions.

Nectech will not provide any private information, including but not limited to address, phone number, e-mail address or other private information to any other enterprise, organization or individual. We will not contact any web site visitors except when necessary for setting up a demonstration of our product or to answer a question. 
Our Privacy Statement will be in effect at all times and will pertain to all visitors.

Job Opportunities
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News & Events

Click here to see updated information regarding the MEDIMS system and to see where MEDIMS will demonstrated at upcoming trade shows.
Terms of Use

This web site is the property of Nectech, Inc.  Use of this site is subject to the terms and conditions set forth by Nectech and these terms may be modified at any time.
It is the intention of Nectech to provide an online resource for those seeking information or support for the MEDIMS system. Unauthorized use of this web site is prohibited and we reserve the right to restrict use of this site at anytime.

MEDIMS and MEDIMS.com are trademarks of Nectech, Inc.  All Trademarks, Signaturemarks and copyrighted material may not copied, reproduced or altered in any way.  

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It is to be assumed that all material listed on this site is copyrighted unless noted and may not be copied or used without the express written consent of Nectech, Inc. or the appropriate owner thereof.
Any information gathered from visitors to this web site will be subject to the Nectech Privacy Statement and will not be redistributed to any other sources.   Nectech is not responsible for any material, products or the content of any web site linked to from this web site.  Furthermore, Nectech is not responsible for any material, products or the content of any web site which provides a link to the MEDIMS.com web site.

Our goal is to promote the MEDIMS system and to provide support and downloads for existing customers.  Nectech, Inc. cannot be accountable for any instances resulting in damages occurred or unsatisfactory material purchased on the Internet by an individual, business, public organization or otherwise, in conjunction in any way with Nectech, apart from products specifically produced by Nectech.
Everything provided on this site is provided "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. The content of this site may be revised or removed at any time.
For further infomation, please contact us at: info@medims.com



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MEDIMS and MEDIMS.com are trademarks of Nectech, Inc.
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