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The following questions and answers should help you learn more about the MEDIMS program and its features. Click any question below to see the corresponding answer.

What is MEDIMS?
The MEDIMS system from Nectech is an integrated set of clinical, administrative and financial software modules that collectively offer complete management capabilities for Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon practices.

The key functions of MEDIMS include:

  • Appointment schedule management
  • Patient registration and tracking
  • Referral management and correspondence
  • Billing management
  • Standard Reports
  • Integrated Word Processor
  • Multi-user multi-site capabilities
  • Windows NT platform - open system

Who makes the MEDIMS program?
MEDIMS is brought to you by Nectech, Incorporated, a software design firm specializing in information management systems for the health care field.  Nectech is a full service health care computer solutions company.  In addition to designing and developing Medical Information Management Systems, Nectech offers hardware installation and upgrade, network installation and maintenance, system integration, data migration and conversion, and training.
Why should I choose MEDIMS?

MEDIMS is the most advanced OMS System on the market today.  Here's why:

Latest Technology
  • 100% Windows NT
  • MS Office 2000
  • MS SQL 7.0 Client Server
  • Developed for Windows, not just adapted or converted to Windows
  • Practice management at your finger tips
  • Easily cross train office staff
Direct Automation
  • Enter treatment information fast and accurately
  • No need to be inefficient with special forms, pencils or special scanners
  • Manage multiple sites/practices
  • Work with multiple patients simultaneously
  • Perform multiple tasks concurrently
Year 2000 Compliant
  • Y2K ready
  • ADA 2000 forms
  • ICD-10, CDT-3
  • Fastest multi-office system on the market
  • Quick disaster recovery
  • Data replication for safety
Best Customer Satisfaction
  • Personalized attention
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Quick resolution of questions/problems

Is the program easy to use?
The MEDIMS system offers an excellent balance between simplicity and efficiency.   With management of your practice at your fingertips, you can now spend more time with the patient and less time processing the patient.  The system allows you to add, cancel, and reschedule appointments with a click of the mouse.  You can generate appointment time and date automatically by clicking on a slot, and you can enter unlimited notes for each appointment.

MEDIMS is so easy to use that minimal training is required, making cross training for your entire staff easy.


What are the advantages of MEDIMS Open System design?

The Open System design of MEDIMS allows for the integration of varied technologies, such as Digital X-rays, Tele-radiology and more.  You can add advanced features and applications later, when you need them.  The system also allows you to incorporate future technologies as they evolve.

How can I get a demonstration of the program?

If you are interested in the MEDIMS system, then perhaps it is time to see a demonstration.  By filling out our Office Profile form, you will provide us with some key information about your office and initiate a response from a company representative.   The demonstration will show you how MEDIMS can contribute significantly to the operating efficiency of your office.
Click here to submit your Office Profile and initiate a demo.

At what conferences will MEDIMS be demonstrated next?

To see a schedule of conferences in which the MEDIMS system will be demonstrated, please visit the news and agendas section of our web site.  If you see a conference near you, we hope to see you there.
How much does the program cost?
MEDIMS is competitively priced, but it is not possible to provide a specific figure for the system since it is often customized to meet office needs.  To obtain a price proposal, please complete the Office Profile Form.   A representative will respond to your request promptly.
How do I contact a sales representative?

To contact a sales representative, please send an email to sales@medims.com or call 1-800-498-8324.
How do I download the latest upgrade?

To download the latest upgrade, you must be a current customer in good standing.   You will be required to:

  1. Download the WinZip program which allows for large files to be sent across the Internet (if you have not already)
  2. Visit the download area of this web site
  3. Click the link indicating the latest upgrade of MEDIMS available for download
  4. Input your Password

    If you have questions regarding the download process, please call 1-800-498-8324.

If I download the latest upgrade for MEDIMS will I lose existing data and schedules?

No.  The upgrade that you will be downloading from the web will not affect the patient information, schedules or accounting information already stored in the system.

How can I contact Customer Support?
To contact Customer Support, please visit the Customer Support section of our web site, or call 1-800-498-8324.
I have lost my password to download the upgrades, what do I do?
To obtain a lost or forgotten password, contact Customer Support or call 1-800-498-8324.
I do not have WinZip on my computer, how can I download the latest upgrade?

The WinZip web site allows you to download evaluation versions of the software or to purchased the software directly.  Click here to download winzip to your PC.



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