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The MEDIMS system contributes significantly to the operating efficiency of your practice. 
The following highlights the administrative and financial components of the system...


Daily Schedule

  • Multiple Doctors/Multiple Offices - setup work days and hours for each doctor in each office.
  • Generate appointment time and date automatically by clicking on a slot.
  • Add, cancel, and reschedule appointments with a click.
  • Maintain history including canceled, rescheduled, and no-show appointments.
  • Enter unlimited notes for each appointment.
  • Establish patient registration from appointment.
  • Change day, month, or year with a click.



Month at a Glance

  • Graphically overview a doctor's schedule, workload, and projected availability.
  • Blockout day or partial day by just clicking on a calendar day.
  • Search appointments by name, account, social security, telephone, or birth date.
  • View daily schedule by clicking on the calendar.
  • Generate daily appointment list for each doctor.


Patient Registration

  • Overview patient demographics, account status, referral source, guarantor, and insurance information at a glance.
  • Work with multiple patients simultaneously.
  • Display patient history including treatment, prescriptions, billing, and appointments.
  • Maintain complete employer and school information for both patient and insured parties.
  • Track referrals in and referrals out.
  • Generate statements, insurance forms, referral letters at time of service.


Accounts Receivable

  • View transactions at the account, case, insurance claim, or procedure level.
  • Generate automatic adjustments when entering procedure charge or payment.
  • Enter multiple procedures simultaneously.
  • Generate insurance claims and referral letters automatically.
  • Perform calculations automatically.
  • Bill secondary and tertiary insurance automatically.
  • Process insurance claims automatically.
  • Add, modify, or delete a transaction with a click.
  • Track outstanding claims at a glance.
Less time spent processing the patient means more time spent with the patient.

The MEDIMS open system design integrates other technologies.

Minimal training is required, which makes cross training easy!


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